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Were All In The Same Boat

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  1. Mazukus says:
    We’re all in the same boat. To all of our current and future clients, we hope you’re all safe, healthy, and doing all that you can to get by in these strange and trying times. While we have followed the government’s emergency orders by sheltering-in-place, engaging in social distancing, and taking all available precautions during this.
  2. Mautilar says:
    Apr 20,  · A poem, 'We Are Not In The Same Boat', written by an unknown author has been doing the rounds of social media. It reflects on the state of lockdown urging us not to be judgmental as the world grapples with this unforeseen tragedy. We thought message is .
  3. Maurg says:
    Apr 16,  · We are all in the same boat now.  Really, we have always been in the same boat, but the corona virus reminds us of this.  Processwork allows us to dive deeper into the dreamland and essence of the virus and other disturbances and find something positive and useful there.
  4. Sazuru says:
    May 21,  · We’re Weathering the Same Storm, We’re Not All in the Same Boat. May 21, / Laura Nash. A message from our President & CEO Jesse Beason. These are trying and uncertain times. This virus has laid bare that our health, economy and democracy are inextricably linked. And it’s made clear that whether we’re Black or white, Latino or Asian, Native or newcomer, we’re all in this together.
  5. Fausho says:
    We’re not all actually in the same boat - but we are in the same storm. For some, the last few months have been tumultuous and terrifying. They’ve lost loved ones (even multiple), faced financial hardship and experienced pain from every angle. Others have been fighting to save lives on the frontline.
  6. Bagal says:
    Lisa Crispin dives into the "we're all in the same boat" theory and explains how it can't be more true in the software development world. From the need for common goals to going beyond taking responsibility for the team's actions, each team must know that you're going to fail or succeed together.
  7. Murg says:
    Jun 04,  · That’s why it’s called, We Are Not All In The Same Boat. I keep hearing people say that we are all in the same boat, but it’s not like that. We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat. Your ship could be shipwrecked and mine might not be.
  8. Jusho says:
    “We are all in the same boat.” It sounds simple, but what does it mean? We are all headed in the same direction? We have to stick together? Join us this weekend as we step into Week Four of the series called “WE TOO.” It’s a series about what makes this church unique our vision.
  9. Sabar says:
    May 06,  · “We are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm”. Let’s remember to support each other and not judge. Please don’t suffer in silence. Reach out, .

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